Being a wrestler’s wife means a lot in the contemporary world. Caryl Vaziri might be a new and strange name to many, considering that she may not be as popular as her husband The Iron Sheik. Information about Caryl is available on different sources, but not everyone has a clue of who she is and what she does. Nonetheless, you may have heard about her or seen her on your screen as she makes several public appearances along her wrestler husband. The following information dives deeper into her biography to expose everything regarding Caryl Vaziri. The main points to gather from this article include the lady’s age, net worth, relationships, career, and family. Read on keenly to understand who Caryl Vaziri really is.

Caryl’s Net Worth

As we mentioned earlier, there’s so little known about Caryl Vaziri. This includes her net worth, considering that she has never made such information known to the public. Nevertheless, being a wrestling champion’s wife means that Caryl might be living the life that only selected few can afford. According to a report released in June, 2023, the late Iron Sheik was worth $500,000. This means that all this money is at Caryl’s exposure since she’s a widow. However, some sources also indicate that Caryl is worth $200,000. Nevertheless, other sources indicate that Caryl had a $1 million net worth by the time of her death.

Early Life

Since her birth, Caryl has lived a pretty normal life like any other person. Nevertheless, like her net worth and other details, information regarding Caryl’s early life is skimpy on almost all sources. First, there’s no information regarding her parents. The parents’ private life had a silver lining because it allowed Caryl to enjoy privacy and normalcy. She wasn’t exposed to the public eye until she met The Iron Sheik. 


Caryl Vaziri is a known name, primarily due to her late husband’s reputation. Details regarding her educational background are not widely available, but she’s adequately trained in international relations. Caryl is a top international consultant. Moreover, some reports also confirm that she completed her education at a public high school. She’s a graduate, but information regarding her college or university education is not available.


Caryl Vaziri came to the limelight after marrying The Iron Sheik. They tied the knot on March 21st, 1976, meaning the couple was in marriage for more than five decades before Sheik’s unfortunate death on June 7th, 2023. They both sired three daughters. The daughters’ names are Tanya, Nikki, and Marissa Vaziri. Unfortunately, Marissa was murdered by her boyfriend in 2003, meaning that Caryl has only two living daughters. Marissa was the firstborn, but her untimely and unfortunate death brought so much tragedy to the family. Moreover, she’s the grandmother to five kids namely Xahra, Marissa, Chloe, Alexis, and Niko. 


So many sources don’t have enough information regarding Caryl’s birth date. One sure fact is that the woman was born in Minnesota, USA. This means there’s less details regarding her age. Nevertheless, some recent reports indicate that the lady was born in 1950. She died in 2000 at the age of 50. The same report shows that her husband was born on 15th March, 1942. This means the couple has a difference of seven years, which is acceptable in marriage.  


As people grow, so does their height increases, and Caryl Vaziri isn’t an exception. Nevertheless, information regarding her height isn’t readily available on so many sources. Cary’s height isn’t known, but from the pictures you see on the internet, she ranges somewhere between five and six feet. This is a pretty normal height for a woman of Caryl’s caliber. 


A reliable source shows that Caryl Vaziri weighs about 65kgs or 143 pounds. She’s a woman who understood the benefits of maintaining healthy weight. Some people take this fact for granted, but that’s not what Caryl did. Eating healthy and avoiding anything that can mess your weight should be your priority.


By now you are aware that Caryl Vaziri was married to a wrestling champion of the late 70s and early 80s. Caryl’s husband was known as The Iron Sheik. Nonetheless, his birth name was Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri. That is where Caryl got her Vaziri name. Before marriage, she was known as Caryl Peterson. The couple lived a happy life since their marriage in 1976 until Caryl’s death in 2000. They both sired three daughters, but the first born died in 2003. This death resulted from Marissa’s boyfriend, Charles Warren Reynolds. The authorities caught up with Reynolds, apprehended him, and convicted the defendant. Caryl had worries that the death of their daughter affected her husband negatively. She even tried to convince him to leave the Iron Sheik character because she believed that only then would he find peace and live a normal life in their home.  


Everything you need to know about Caryl Vaziri’s career lies in the fact that she was the wife of a prominent and reputable wrestler. She made good money and supported her husband. According to reliable sources, they both traveled a lot and visited many places. We cannot pinpoint Caryl’s exact career, but modeling falls among her favorite activities and hobbies. But her ambition and the support she offered her husband helped her live an adequately stable life until her demise at the age of 50. Reports indicate that the woman loved traveling and her favorite sports were hockey, golf, and of course, wrestling. Information regarding her career is skimpy. However, you should know that she spent most of her time supporting her husband in his wrestling career and being the best mother to their daughters. 

Social Media

Caryl Vaziri died in 2000 when modern technology and the internet had not taken root globally. However, she left behind some social media presence through different platforms. Nevertheless, the information you find regarding Caryl Vaziri’s social media accounts is most probably uploaded by other people who know a thing or two about the woman.