It was a sad day to pass away. February 14th was Valentine’s Day. It was also the day when fans on Instagram came across the news of 15-year-old Sadie Loza passing away, leading to the devastation of family, friends, and, in a way, fans like you still clicking on links like this to know more about what led to this tragic death. 

It’s even sad when we know that the 15-year-old passed away just a week after celebrating her birthday, cutting a small cake with family and friends. This was soon followed by social media posts with a list of some heart-touching milestones and achievements. Nine days later, Sadie passed away. 

What exactly happened to Sadie that led to her obituary? While we cannot tell you more than we know about the circumstances that led to the sad demise of  Sadie, we can tell you some things that help us all celebrate the short life of Sadie. 

So, read on as we celebrate the quiet, bubbly personality that was Sadie. 

An Obituary That Shook Millions

The disappointing truth is that not much about Sadie’s death has been disclosed. 

The obituary shocked fans worldwide and made headlines a couple of months back, and has still left many in mourning as we browse the internet for information on the circumstances leading to her death. 

Sources reveal the incidence of a car accident, but this has not been made definite. 

In other words, the family has decided to keep the cause of the little star’s death a secret, and it would be good if we, as fans, respected their decision to respect their little daughter’s death.

The Personality That Was Sadie

Born on February 5th, 2008, Sadie was the eldest daughter of Audrina’s sister Casey Loza, an entrepreneur in the make-up line, a media personality, and a powerful Instagram influencer known for often gushing about her eldest daughter, whom she believed was the most muscular girl she knew. 

And didn’t we all enjoy seeing posts of her? And like Casey, we couldn’t wait to see what, as in Casey’s own words.

‘This little human would do when she developed the tools needed to change the planet for the better. 

At fifteen, this was one bubbly California girl with a passion for music, dance, fashion, and a dream to someday become a successful media person, so much so that one would believe she would soon follow in her aunt’s footsteps. 

Sadly, this was not to be. And yet, we can still say this was one talented celebrity child we will all miss. 

The Celebrity Niece

Sadie was the niece of the famous 37-year-old reality TV celebrity Audrina Patridge (often known for her success in the TV series The Hills), who was, in a way, responsible for the popularity of this beloved little media face. 

One can’t but shed a tear or two on Patridge’s recently shared heartfelt tribute as we realize that we will no longer be seeing these posts to admire the beloved Sadie. 

Fans can now fondly remember the little girl posing as the flower girl to her aunt on her wedding day in November 2016. While the little girl is sure to remain her aunt’s flower girl forever, let us read on to know more about her. 

A Quiet Private Life

Though studying in a private school, the child was quite an internet influencer who worked the extra mile alongside her mother, Casey, and aunt, Audrina, already making it in the media and growing with each day, having appeared in a few TV series to date. 

But apart from this, Sadie was known for being quiet, leading a private life, 

pursuing her studies, and fulfilling her dreams. Traveling with family and visiting the beachside were her other favorite things. 

How do we know this? 

The little star did have a private Instagram account with just about 1.7k followers, too little for a celebrity like Sadie. Besides this, the little girl loved to skateboard and practiced it often in her free time. She was good with her hands, too, which some fans discovered in her talent for sketching. 

Sadie the Christian

On a positive note, little Sadie was known to have lectured her mother on the law of thermodynamics, often telling her that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed. 

This could have stemmed from the little star’s Christian beliefs, a belief that always led her to state that transformation was a better word for death. 

A lover of Jesus and the church, the star, at a young age, understood the concept of metamorphosis and the fact that death is followed by the afterlife, where we will all meet someday again in a place called Heaven. 

And so, while we still do not know how Sadie Loza died, we can say that this is more of a transformation rather than death and that we will one day see Sadie on the other end. 

Rest In Peace, Sadie

This serves as a source of consolation to all of us, as we remind ourselves that Sadie’s death is a mere transformation and that she is peacefully at rest in a beautiful place; as Audrina herself states by saying,

‘My beautiful niece is now in Heaven,’ Casey writes, ‘You are with your Creator. Sadie Loza has left the Earth for the Heavens.’

Meanwhile, fans tweet and comment to console the mourning mother of the deceased. After all, if we are still scrolling through articles on Sadie, we can only imagine how it is for Casey. 

The grieving mother has recently posted on having ended her marriage because she cannot focus on her relationship with Kyle, with her still grieving over the recent death of her teenage daughter.

And with that, we can only imagine how it all can be for little Draven and Vallon. 

So, let’s stand by all mothers who lose little stars like Sadie. Let’s stand by Casey; let’s stand respectfully by the grieving family.