Dana Dokmanovich is a former flight attendant, media personality, and the widow of Franco Harris, a legendary American football player who died in 2022. Dana Dokmanovich is also a very private person, so it’s understandable why some details of her private life are unknown, as you would discover in this biography.

Dana Dokmanovich was born between 1951 and 1954 in Serbia, to a middle-class family with mixed ethnicity, courtesy of Italian and American parents. The disparity in her date of birth can be credited to Dana’s inconsistencies about her age.

This however, was not the only detail needing valuation. Dana’s parents were rarely mentioned. Her mother’s name is Bess Dokmanovich, while her father’s name has never been mentioned to date.

Born an only child, Dana grew up with high fashion tastes. Dressing up seemed to fill her pretty face with pleasure, and it was no surprise at all when she piqued a career in modeling.

After her secondary school education in Serbia, Dana Dokmanovich immigrated to the US, accounting for why she doesn’t recall much of her European childhood life.

So, from modeling school in New York City, Dana Dokmanovich dived into core modeling, learning the ropes of the fashion industry quickly, and bagging A-list jobs naturally. She was really pretty. But it wasn’t until big doors opened for her in the film industry where she blew big, blending into lovable characters to become a household name in American entertainment.

Dana Dokmanovich later studied and graduated from Penn State University where it has been insinuated she met Franco Harris, a student of the University at the time. However, information points to the fact Dana Dokmanovich met Franco Harris when she was working as an Eastern Airlines flight attendant. She claimed she had been impressed by his charm and personality, and they soon started a relationship.

Dana Dokmanovich married Franco Harris in a private ceremony in late 1970s after dating him for a long time, and they lived in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.They have one son together, Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr., who is also known as Dok Harris.

Everyone could see that Dana Dokmanovich supported her husband’s football career, often accompanying him to various events and functions. They practically owned the red carpet together. They took many pictures together. Dana eventually left her work to take care of their home and son, who was born in 1981.

Dana Dokmanovich and Franco Harris had a happy and loving marriage for over four decades. They enjoyed traveling, golfing, and spending time with their family and friends. They also participated in various charitable and social causes, such as the Franco Harris Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dana Dokmanovich was also beside Franco at the Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor award of 1990, which honors the team’s greatest players and contributors, one of which was her husband, Franco Harris. However she would attend the number 32 requirement ceremony without him due to the fact Dana Dokmanovich and her husband’s inseparability come to sudden end and Franco Harris passed away on December 20, 2022, at the age of 72, just days to the number 32 retirement ceremony.

He was reported by his son to have died in his sleep at their home in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Nothing else was said and the cause of his death was not disclosed by the family. it was later reported that he had some health issues in his later years. His son Dok Harris confirmed his death to the Associated Press, and expressed his gratitude for the love and support from the fans and the public.

Dana Dokmanovich is currently living in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, with her son Dok Harris and his wife. She is also a grandmother to two grandchildren. She has not made any public statement about her husband’s death, but she is likely grieving privately with her family. She is still remembered as a devoted wife, a caring mother, and a graceful lady.

Dana Dokmanovich’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million USD as of 2023. She inherited most of her wealth from her husband Franco Harris, who had a net worth of $3 million USD at the time of his death. He earned his fortune from his successful football career, as well as from his endorsements and business ventures.

Franco was one of the most decorated players in NFL history, winning four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers and being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1990. His number 32 has since been retired in honor of his contribution to the sport in a 13-season successful NFL career.

Franco Harris was particularly known for scoring the “Immaculate Reception” touchdown in 1972, which is considered one of the most iconic plays in NFL history.

Dana Dokmanovich is a remarkable woman who has lived an extraordinary life with her husband Franco Harris. She has witnessed his glory and fame on the field, as well as his generosity and kindness off the field. She remains a very private person and so will face her husband’s sudden and untimely demise with dignity and strength.

Devote fans of the late NFL legend Franco Harris have since sought to know more about the family their hero left behind.

Dok Harris, they knew so well, was married with 2 children. He had attended Princeton University where he studied Political Economy before attending the Pittsburgh School of Law. He also has a masters in business administration, MBA, from the Tepper School of Business at Cornegie Mellon. He later launched his bid for Mayor of Pittsburgh on July 27, 2009, This much was known about him. However, little was gathered about Franco’s widow, Dana Dokmanovich.

The woman Dana Harris, or Dana Dokmanovich as the world fondly know her, is an inspiration to many people who admire her for her loyalty, compassion, and elegance.

Her Facebook timeline will convince you of her amazing personality.