Dorothy Bonvillian Jones was the first & ex-wife of an acclaimed multitalented  —  George Jones  — who was well-known & famous for his singing, musicianing & songwriting.

Early life:

Born in a religiously Christian household in — the United States — Dorothy got married to his lover  —  George Jones  — in the year of 1950. 

But the unfortunate turn of events took a heavy toll on his mind as she divorced her lover just a year later after marrying him, in 1951.


There is very little known about his early education & specifically the subject she chose to study, But it is said that she studied in her hometown.


George Jones tied the knot with — Dorothy Bon Villion — when he was in the later stages of his career in the “Marine Corps of the United States” as an active soldier. 

After her short-lived marriage experience with her first wife, leading him to divorce her, he resigned in the year 1953.

Interestingly she also had a daughter with her husband whose name is known as — Susan Jones. Moreover, she had an uncle named “Herman Lamer Jones” and an aunt who is known as “Helen Louise Scroggins”.




Her life after divorce suggests that she was not fond of earning any limelight & fame.

Plus, viewers can find no account of her indulging in a career of singing or any other such field for that matter.

Her pursuing a silent life after divorce gives an impression that she was dishearted & internally broken after her marriage broke apart. 


Dorothy Bonvillion passed away on November 2, 2007, in Texas. She was buried in the Gethsemane Cemetery in Longview, Texas. Her exact age is unspecified. But her husband was born on September 12, 1931. He died on April 16, 2013, due to hypoxic respiratory failure, which makes his age to be 81 years old 




It is unknown and unclear whether she married after divorcing his husband ” George Jones or not.

Meanwhile, her husband went on to marry three times later. After Jones divorced Dorothy, he first married 1954 Shirley Ann Corley. 

During exactly this time he started to get noticed in the Music industry and his career as a singer began to take a boost. 

In 1959, he recorded White Lightning, a famous song composed by “The Big Bopper”, which made him famous as a singer. Unfortunately, his marriage with Corley took a distressing turn in 1068 resulting in a divorce.

A year later after his divorce from Corley, he decided to marry “Tammy Wynette”, who was also a singer.

However, that marriage too was laden with issues eventually leading him to divorce her in 1975. 

The habit of Alcoholism was considered to be the main problem that not only affected her marriage (personal life) but also destroyed her Singing career (professional life). 

After his divorce from Wynette, Jones once again tried his luck by marrying. This time, his fourth marriage happened with, Nancy Sepulvado, in the year 1983. 

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Net Worth:

Dorothy Bonvillon was a famous person being the ex-wife of — George Jones, a famous American country singer, musician, and songwriter. 

Her stint in the music industry was short-lived but her marriage with the — George Jones — earned her considerable popularity and admiration .

Even though there is a sort of conflict about the actual figures, her net worth is estimated to be about 8 Million dollars.