Ezra Alvarez, who had been called by a nickname as “Ezy,” died suddenly when he was only 16 years old. The incident took place on February 14, 2023, in a place surrounding his home Derry, New Hampshire. We are here to give you insight about his life in order to pay tribute to him and know what a wonderful human he was to others in this world.

Ezra Alvarez Obituary: Early Life and Background

On April 14, Ezra was born and further  raised by his caring family in Derry, New Hampshire. He attended school and enjoyed discovering new things. One of his amazing qualities is to have a curious nature and explore things unconditionally.

Ezra enjoyed a variety of activities in his life period. He liked to go outside and appreciate nature as well as performing arts like music. As he grew older, he excelled both academically and in the pursuits of his passions. 

Ezra Alvarez Obituary: Influence & Contributions

Ezra made decisions that benefited his community and those who were close to him. Indeed, he was amiable and had a large social circle. Ezra Alvarez also enjoyed offering a helping hand and showing kindness to people. He was young, yet he still had a meaningful impact around others. This quality of hum had developed a wonderful spirit for winning and always striving to be the best in whatever he did. Everyone around Ezra considered him a reliable friend and teammate. The reason is that he constantly stood up for his teammates when they needed a helping hand or assistance in any manner.

Ezra Alvarez Obituary: Fond of Sports

He will be commemorated and spoken highly by his friends and relatives because he was worthy to be remembered. Talking about his body stature , he was incredibly swift and strong, that’s why he used to shine bright on the football field. Due to his sparkling personality, he liked playing video games, training out, and creating Lego Star Wars sets in his free time.  It was impossible to doubt his thorough understanding of sports statistics. He also liked participating in 7v7 games and playing flag football.

Ezra Alvarez Obituary: Final Moments & Memories

It’s tragic to see that Ezra died unexpectedly and too early. All of his family and acquaintances encourage one another and reflect on positive interactions they shared with him. Also, they  discuss their favorite aspects of him and how he made them feel. Ezy will be regarded as a thoughtful, courteous, and intelligent young guy. A special memorial will be held to honor him and there will be additional activities so that everyone can pay tribute to him in their own way.

Ezra Alvarez Obituary: Conclusion

Despite having only a short life, Ezra had a significant impression on everyone. Still at times, his close friends praised his giggle and sense of humor. He was always the one to ask how everyone else was doing. We’ll never forget how generous and enjoyable he was. Ezra Alvarez did not truly vanish. His generous behaviors and memory are not going to fade even though he is no longer among us.