Fiona Loudon nickname “Harley Loudon” is reputed for being the ex wife of famous British actor “Daniel Craig”. She was born in Scotland and later moved to England during his 20s Fiona herself worked in industry she learned acting and worked on stage as a performer but got fame after her marriage with Daniel however she got more attention after her divorce with Daniel. Her relationship with Daniel didn’t reveal at first but suddenly got attention after marriage while Fiona was always a hot topic for paparazzi after their divorce.  They had a daughter name Ella Craig. Currently Ella is also an actress. After divorce, Daniel got more fame in industry while Fiona was not active on screen or on social media.

Early wife 

Scottish actress Fiona Loudon is Caucasian race and she was born on 2, Feb 1968. She was engaged into acting. She moved to Britain and started performing on stage after learning acting. According to her LinkedIn profile she went to Nor doff Robbins from 2003 to 2005 to procure her graduate degree in music treatment. Since Fiona attempts to stay under the radar her early life information is not well known. Audience shows much interest in their relationship and how they met but they never shared any story. The relationship got noticed on 1991. The couple, who had been hitched starting around 1992 and had been in their mid twenties when they were hitched, had their girl Ella Craig two months after the fact. In any case, their sentiment finished in 1994, after two years. She settled on the choice not to remarry and brought her girl alone up in London. Craig in this manner uncovered in a meeting that he was very youthful at the hour of the separation.

Biographical Data: 

NameFiona Loudon
Age54 years
Height170 cm
Weight58 kg
Birth Date2, Feb 1968
ProfessionPerformer, TV presenter, physical therapist, vocalist, Artist
Nationality Scottish

Relation with Daniel 

Fiona Loudon was married to Daniel Craig in 1992 that is an English performer, is well-known for playing the famous English spy James Bond in a few Bond flicks.  They had a daughter Ella but their relationship didn’t last for many years and after two years of their marriage they got divorced in 1994. One famous  fact about Daniel  is that he was involved into many women  and after divorced he wedded Rachel Weisz however marriage with Fiona was all the while acquiring consideration. Their daughter Ella also started her career as an actress she played different roles in different movies. One of the famous movie of Ella is Trauma is a time machine (2018). She also did a short film ‘Maneater’ (2017) it tells the story of modern dating world.

Craig became associated with a 7-year relationship with German entertainer Heike Makatsch after his divorce but this relation also ended in 2004. Next year he continued dating  Satsuki Mitchell that is a filmmaker . After their breakup in 2010 he started dating Rachel Weisz in December 2010, and the two of them co-starred in the 2011 movie “Dream House.” On June 22, 2011, they were married in a private ceremony and his daughter with Loudon “Ella” also attended this marriage. Ella regularly seen with his father in different events as she is much attached to his father. Daniel got more fame after divorce while Fiona decided to raise her daughter as a single mother.


The amusing thing about Fiona is that she is continuously being spoken about, but rarely about her vocation she was individual from theater in London, although she was already a performer but she never got that much attention in his career before her marriage. She first grabbed the interest of media in 1991 as her relation with Daniel Craig got revealed. Their marriage didn’t stay for long time and besides the fact that they got separated they were still an attractive topic for the audience and the media. While Craig continued to procure more distinction as the notable spy James Bond, she avoided the spotlight until the end of her life.

As of late, she again surfaced on the news as her girl with Craig, Ella, entered media outlets as an actress.

Family and Current Life

Although Fiona Loudon was always a hot topic for media after her marriage with Daniel but she successfully kept her life her private. Information about family and other things private are still unknown. Information about Mr. Loudon and Mrs. Loudon is still unknown. Fiona Loudon’s Ethnicity is White and her Religion is Christina. After the divorce Daniel kept dating and he got even more success and continue playing different roles in different movies according to Daniel he didn’t regret his first marriage and he was immature at the time of divorce with Fiona as he confess in one of the interview and said “I was too young. I thought it was the mature thing to do. I don’t regret it, but I do wish I’d lived it in a different way.” Currently Fiona is living with daughter Ella Craig in London. Ella is also an actress and a famous person on Instagram.

Net Worth

As Fiona Loudon got famous after her relationship with Daniel, according to different resources her net worth is somewhere between “10 to 40 million dollars “and she is living a good successful life with her daughter Ella Craig.

Social media 

Before her marriage with Daniel she always kept her life very private and didn’t reveal much about her early life yet after marrying a famous actor Daniel Craig She become famous but she disappeared from media after her divorce. Recently She got noticed again when her daughter Ella become an actress and started playing roles in short films and movies. There are many accounts on Instagram from her name but not all accounts are real as she is not very active on social media 

Her LinkedIn profile