Supermodel Heidi Klum and Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel(Popularly known by his stage name Seal) got married on 10 May 2005. After one year of marriage Heidi gave birth to her third biological child Johan riley fyodor taiwo samuel. He was born on 26 November 2006,in Los Angeles,California. He is 16 years old. As a child of two famous Hollywood celebrities Johan grew up with a considerable amount of media attention. He has three other siblings with whom he grows up. 

Early Life

As the couple got divorce in the year 2014 when Johan was just 8 years old,it was tough for him to deal with these kinds of issues after all seeing your parent separation impact on a child’s brain and getting love from each parent at the same time was not that easy,especially during this time.

Career and Interest

As stated by his mother from a very young age he is interested in Martial arts and is currently reserved by the Tae kwon do practitioner in high schools.Johan’s mother describes his son as his Dad,Seal. He has intellectual and some kind of artistic tendencies. He has a keen interest in reading and painting. One can hardly find him without a book in his hands in the house.Johan career may go towards music as he is already attending one of the musical schools in Los Angeles to learn singing and also know about different kinds of musical instruments and how to handle them.


He is currently in high school and enjoying his life to the fullest. As this is his very early stage of life so it is very unpredictable for his career path.The name of his high school is mentioned nowhere,may be due to security reasons but he is at one of the Local high schools in Los Angeles.May be he chooses the career of modeling as per his Mother or he can also choose career as a singer and songwriter which comes hierarchically from his father. Johan is going to matriculate in 2024 but predicting his career path at this early stage is not suitable as there is a lot more to see. 

Hobbies and Interest

He is a sociable person and also traveled a lot.He has visited many European countries,with parents. Sometimes he also loves to watch movies and is a big fan of Marvel,Thor,Avengers Infinity,End game and many more.He also has a pet dog with whom he used to play in the evening.


Apart from his famous Mom-dad,he also has one brother Henry and two sisters Helen and Lou Samuel. Henry was born in 2005 while Helen was her mother’s first biological child from her earlier relationship with a businessman Flavio Briatore. Lou was born in October 2009. They all are living together with their mother.

Personal life and challenges

As their parents separated from each other in the year 2014,9 years after marriage.No one knows the reason behind the divorce but some rumors said that Heidi had affair with her bodyguard and later after getting divorce she also started dating him although it doesn’t long last but all this impacted on a child as a serious problems and dealing with this for a 9-10 years old kid is not just a normal thing.So earlier life of Johan was little bit in trouble due to separation of his parents.


Apart from coming from the separation of his parents Johan also likes painting and as Klum said “he chooses to do painting for straight 45 minutes while his siblings watch movies.” He painted a picture of a monster on his shirt for the first time at the age of 6 and whenever he wears those shirts he feels very proud of his paintings.

Child custody

After the separation from Samuel in the year 2014,custody of all the children goes to Mother Heidi including the adopted one. Johan was just 8 years old then and needless to say it was terrible for a 8 year old kid to watch this kind of scene happening between their parents.Apart from custody,Seal played an important role in the upbringing of his child.

Height and weight

Johan is 5 feet 6 inch(1.7 mt)tall,and has wavy brown hair with brown eyes.His weight is between 45 to 55 KGs.

Net worth

Although he has not started earning yet but from his mom’s net worth i.e $160 million after splitting this into three we can easily predict that his net worth would be around $50 million but that too not on paper yet as his age is not qualified for on paper wealth.

Decoding the meaning of his Name

His name is so long and has beautiful meanings in every word of his name.

  • Johan is a Nordic-German version of johannes which means “The Lord is gracious”
  • Riley is irish and it means “small stream”
  • Fyodor is a russian terminology means “God’s gift”
  • Taiwo comes from Nigerian Yoruba tribe means “smells the world”
  • Samuel comes from his dad’s last name. 

Conclusion:- His relationship with all the siblings is very nice and all are living with their mom Heidi.He is not on any social media platform as of now.