Currently, Donavan Bering and Tracy Brown are still together and live in Phoenix, Arizona, where Donavan runs his own company. When Tracy Brown Bering met Jodi Arias at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, she was already serving a jail sentence for abduction.

Who Are Tracy Brown and Donavan Bering?

Donovan Bering’s wife Tracy Brown Bering became involved in legal issues that resulted in her being imprisoned on charges of kidnapping. Tracy and Jodi Arias first came into contact at the prison of Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona. For almost five months, the two ladies lived in a cramped cell together, and during that time, they formed a strange and complicated bond.

Tracy and Jodi had become more than just cellmates; they had become intimate friends. Because of their special relationship, Tracy even gave Jodi the unusual permission to get six tattoos on her body. Interestingly, Jodi Arias’s signature appears on one of these tattoos, signifying the depth of their relationship despite being imprisoned.

Unexpectedly, Tracy Bering—who had a real contempt for things in her life—became strangely close to Jodi. Despite Tracy’s husband, Donavan Bering, having been imprisoned in the Maricopa County Jail for being complicit to arson, their uncommon friendship continued to grow. Sadly, the story took a dark turn when Tracy Brown Bering’s death on December 4, 2022, was revealed. The story of relationships made inside the criminal justice system is already captivating, but the circumstances surrounding her death gave it much more depth.

According to Understanding Crime via Facebook, Tracy Brown, who married Donavan Bering in 2018, passed away in December 2022. 

Tracy committed suicide; she had been dealing with despair. Yolanda Ducharme, her mother, reportedly bemoaned that she “couldn’t fix her” and said that the sadness “took her.”

She stated that “Tracy, I miss you. I love you,” Understanding Crime quotes her as saying. “Depression took you from us. I try to get through the day. I try to understand but I’m not sure I ever will.”

Finally: ”I love you, baby girl, may your soul rest peacefully. Always and forever, you will hold a place in my heart.”

How is the marriage life of Tracy Brown and Donavan Bering?

 Donavan Bering owns a business and lives with Tracy Brown in Phoenix, Arizona. Both of them are still married. In Austin, Texas, they have developed a number of profitable businesses. Despite facing countless obstacles, Tracy and Donavan have succeeded in business and are still enjoying success in their ventures as entrepreneurs. Tracy and Donavan have also started to participate in the Austin community. They have contributed their time and money to promote a variety of causes by taking part in philanthropic events. The pair has developed deep relationships with others who share their values and has gained the respect of the community. The Phoenix, Arizona-based pair Tracy Brown and Donavan Bering are still intent on pursuing their goals and ambitions for the future. They are adamant about pursuing their goals in spite of the difficulties they have encountered in the past.