Jason Frank was born on September 4, 1973 near a place called Covina, California. He went to the Californian town of La Verne’s Bonita High School. He had a lifelong fascination with combat and martial arts, particularly karate. After completing her graduation, she got interested in the acting profession.

Jason David: Overview

Gender: Male

Place of origin : Covina

Net worth: $500 Thousand

Profession: Actor, Martial Artist, Mixed Martial Artist

Date of Birth: Sep 4, 1973

Date of Death: Nov 20, 2022

Famous for: Green Ranger

Nationality: United States of America

Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)

Jason David: Course of Career

Frank was chosen to play Tommy Green in the 1993 film “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” He was selected for this role in particular because of his martial arts expertise. He portrayed the character of Green Ranger which was originally intended to be seen in just 14 episodes,  But because of his immense popularity, the character was revived as the White Ranger, the new head of the Power Ranger group.Brad Hawkins was meant to fill the primary part in “VR Troopers” after Frank turned into the White Ranger, but that job ultimately fell to Hawkins.

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” ran for three seasons before becoming “Power Rangers Zeo.” Frank’s persona changed after the shift and became the Red Zeo Ranger. Next year, Frank’s persona turned into the Red Turbo Ranger in “Power Rangers Turbo.” Frank and a few other cast members did, however, decide to quit at the show’s midseason, and they were replaced in 1997.

What was the source of income & net worth of Jason David Frank?

At the time of his death, Jason David Frank was a $500k net worth actor and professional mixed martial arts fighter. The role that made Jason David Frank famous was that of Tommy, the green Power Ranger from “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” He made appearances in 124 episodes of the show between 1993 and 1996. He starred in the first cinematic production of the series in 1995, which, despite a $15 million budget, brought in $66 million worldwide. In 1996, he appeared in 50 episodes of “Power Rangers Zeo,” then in 1997, he appeared in 19 episodes of “Power Rangers Turbo,” resuming his role as Tommy. For the rest of his career, he kept working in the “Power Rangers” universe in a variety of capacities. Jason was an excellent martial artist outside the “Power Rangers” team. He competed in several mixed martial arts competitions and held a seventh degree black belt. Among his many honors was the 2003 Master of the Year title in American Karate. It is unfortunate to inform that 49-year-old Jason David Frank took his own life on November 20, 2022.