Jasper Breckenridge Johnson was born in Los Angeles,California,on June 6,2002.He is the son of American actor and producer Don Johnson and his wife, Kelley Phleger .Jasper has two older sisters and despite his parents fame ,Jasper has Largely stayed out of the public and has not pursued a career in the entertainment sector and instead Jasper  focused on his education and personal life. He comes from mixed background and he graduated from high school in the year 2021 and from the reports, Jasper was expected to attend a college in the United States. It will be of interest to see what the future holds for Jasper and whether he will follow his parents career on film industry.

In 2016, Jasper attended a film named ‘’Sing” premiere with his family and in 2019, he attended another film by the name “Knives Out’’ as he was accompanied by his parents. On the career part, Jasper is a basketball player. He has loved playing basketball since his childhood since then he has been playing Basketball. However, hard work and passion of Jasper have been seen in his matches and has sculpted his identity in Basketball. Jasper is also in the west Coast Elite under Armour team against city rival and San Marcos Royals. However, Jasper scored the winning points for team, Santa Barbara High. Jaspers dad was present in this match whereby he watched his son’s performance and was happy after the victory and went further to share the SBHS channel league victory video on his social media platforms. Based on this scenario, there is a possibility of Jasper pursuing a career in Basketball later after his graduation.

According to different sources, Jasper is currently single and busy undertaking his studies. Jasper is currently 21 years old having Gemini as his birth sign. His height is about 5 feet and 7 inches, and his weight is around 60kg.Based on the social media, Jasper is not seen using any social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram but there is a possibility of Jasper gaining a huge fan following after he commences using social media platforms since he originates from a famous family. Presently, Jasper is busy studying and there is still time for him to be involved in any wealth making career and since he was born in a wealthy family, he has enjoyed a comfortable life.