Jaya Kelly a 23 years old American Christian singer, was born on November 19, 2000, in the United States, to R&B singer and record producer, Robert Sylvester Kelly (his stage name was R. Kelly) and his ex-wife Andrea Kelly, a celebrity couple and is second among the three children they bore together. His father has produced more than 75 million records globally. Andrea Kelly is an American actress, choreographer and dancer. They both were married in 1996 and were divorced after 13 years of matrimony in 2009.

His nickname is JaahBaby with mixed ethnicity (African-American).  Jaya grew up in the public eye due to her father’s fame as a singer and songwriter. Jaya’s family includes his father R. Kelly, his mother Andrea Kelly, and his siblings, including Joann Kelly who is also known by the stage name Buku Abi and Robert Kelly Jr.the records show that Jaah or Jay had his schooling from a local school where he lived meanwhile learning music as well. He then pursued music in full swing and dropped the idea of getting higher education.She is a self-taught pianist and producer. She has two singles to her credit. Jay performed music at the age of thirteen in 2014. His first song was reservoir.Hip-hop and techno are combined in Jaah’s songs, which can be listened to online on SoundCloud.On April 20, 2020, he released his most recent album, Lost It.Reflection (Freestyle) is among his additional tunes.His other songs include; fall into, gentle, subtle, lost it.

Although, she was born a girl, but was always straight about her gender, and in 2014, Jaya came out publicly as transgender male and changed his name to Jay. He sought for the medication and surgery for the same purpose, to change his gender. He had a tough ‘transition’ but came out victorious. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2014, Jay said that he had identified as male since he was about 6 or 7 years old, he thought that his body was trapped in a girl’s body and had been living as a boy for a year before he publicly came out.He had been in depression and stayed in a psychiatric hospital for weeks. Due to nature of his father’s profession, the family had changed quite a few houses during his father’s career while growing up and it resulted in difficulty in opening up to other people and telling them about his gender’s journey, it all resulted in experiencing bullying at school and outside his social group at the school.

He had wholesome support of his siblings and mother.However, his father went against his transgender journey. Jay has also shared that he has a strong relationship with his siblings and that they have been there for each other during difficult times.Jay has also been veryopen about the challenges he had faced as the child of a famous celebrity. In a 2015 interview with BET, he spoke about the pressure he felt to live up to his father’s legacy and the criticism he had received from some fans of his father’s music.In 2018, Jay changed his name again, this time to Weldon Tucker. Weldon has continued to advocate for transgender rights and has shared his experiences to help others going through similar struggles.Weldon’s family, including his mother Andrea Kelly and his siblings, were supportive of him during his transition.Jay has also spoken on the significance of his siblings in his life and how they have helped one another through trying times.

Weldon’s family has been in the public eye due to his father’s fame as a singer and songwriter, as well as his legal troubles. In recent years, Weldon has spoken publicly about his experiences as the child of a famous celebrity and the challenges he has faced as a transgender individual.Despite the controversies surrounding his family, Weldon has spoken publicly about the love and support he has received from his family.

Although the challenges have been immense, Weldon’s family has been supportive of him. In interviews, his mother Andrea Kelly has expressed pride in her son for being true to himself and living his life authentically. She has been outspoken about her support for her son’s gender transition and her delight in him for leading an authentic life. In an interview with People in 2018, Andrea said that she was proud of her son for being true to himself and living his life authentically.

Weldon has also spoken on the significance of his siblings in his life and how they have helped one another through trying times.Since coming out, Weldon has been an advocate for transgender rights and has used his platform to raise awareness about issues facing the transgender community. He has also been open about the challenges he has faced, including discrimination and harassment. Weldon has continued to share his story and experiences in order to help others going through similar struggles. In an interview with Billboard in 2021, he said that he hoped to use his platform to educate and inspire others and make a positive impact in the world.

In terms of net worth, Weldon’s individual net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his father R. Kelly has a net worth of $100,000 

as of 2021.The majority of R Kelly’s wealth, it is alleged, has been gone and lost. As a result, R Kelly’s net worth was negative, and as of February 2023, it was minus $2 millions.

 It is important to note here that Weldon has pursued his own interests and career, studying music production and releasing his own music under the name of W.T. So while his personal net worth is not publically known, he has been working towards building a career in the music industry.

As far as the information of Weldon’s relationship is concerned, his personal life is totally unknown and not publically known as he has kept his personal life very personal and private. So if any rumour hit the media, it is just a rumour without any solid base.