Katelyn lordahl is an American rising model who coves acres on print media including Tik Tok, Instagram where she actively participates as social media influencer alongside doing media personality. Due to her social media influence, she covers acres in fashion modeling as she creates video content in various social media platforms i.e., Instagram and her amazing fashion content opened doors for her though as young as she is being sighed as Apex modelling agency.

As fans delve deeper into Katelyn personal life they wonder and mesmerizes about her physical attributes, personal details and people who have influenced her journey. In this article we will be exploring KT Lodahl’s height, weight, fascinating facts, age and also the supportive family.

Age, weight and height 

Katelyn Lordahl is currently 21 years old (as of 2023) bon on June 10,2002 in Miami, Florida united states with American nationality. Talking of physical outlook, she has an impressive height of about 5 feet 8 inches and healthy weight of 60 kilograms that truly complements her physic. Therefore, as young as she is she, she showcases remarkable maturity and grace in her career


Katelyn lordahl comes from a loving and supportive family That has played a pivotal role in her success and when talking about Katelyn family, her father is Mr. Ktlordahl a common figure in the field of business as much locality is concern and her mother is Mrs. Ktlordahl who normally handle homework’s.

She also has a brother who is younger than her and boyfriend by the name jack who has appeared on her Tik Tok account

Fascinating facts

  • Katelyn hails from Miami, Florida, Unite states 
  • KT has some hobbies like swimming, traveling, riding horses, reading articles and cycling among others.
  • On 19 January 2019, Katelyn began her career life on Instagram by posting her tunning, attractive both videos and photos amazing fashion content.
  • She is public figure in the world of model as she become an Instagram influence as well as Tik Tok which earned her million followers her Instagram account
  • The first post uploaded by Katelyn on her Tik Tok account was in February 2020
  • KT Lordahl has close relations with some fellow Instagram stars e.g., Celestine Bright and Kristina Levina.
  • She has been actively participating in creating musical videos for top notch musicians like Travis Scott and Rosalia for quite a period of time.
  • Katelyn made her initial post on Instagram back on July 1, 2016. Actually, it was her photo which she took at beach at Jimmy Guana’s restaurant.
  • She has an English cream mini-Dachshund named Cashew who was born on October 21, 2022.
  • Besides her artistic pursuits, Lordahl actively participates in charitable initiatives. She has a strong belief that through her platform those who are in need are uplifted and positive impact is being showcased in society
  • Katelyn Lordahl is multi-talented as she is fond of music alongside playing guitar therefore giver her versatile abilities that has opted her to excel in various creative endeavors.
  • Due to early age exposer to social media and passion of discovery of the abilities has enabled her to make her way into the spotlight.
  • At the Ege of completing her education at university level, she made discovery on passion for modeling and dancing where represented the university of California by taking part modeling and dancing competition where she became a popular member of dancing group at her university.
  • Katelyn associates herself with some of her favorite things like her favorite color is grey, favorite actor Vin Diesel, favorite sports cricket, favorite sportsperson Divid Warner and favorite actress Michelle Pfeiffer.
  • Katelyn zodiac sign is cancer KT Lordan’s soaring popularity in the Entertainment Industry is a statement to her in master lent and dedication. Well, her height. And the weight and the age may be just numbers. They reflect her physical presence and growth as an artist. As fans continue to follow her journey, they eagerly wait for her future project under the. Marketable performance she will undoubtably deliver.