Catherine Louise Sagal aka Katey Sagal is an extremely gifted person who started her career in singing at the age of 5 but afterward shifted to comedy and drama for which she has been much admired. She has received many awards for her excellent acting skills, including the Golden Globe Award she won for her role in “Sons Of Anarchy”. Her fame arose after she played the role of “Pudgy Bundy” on Fox TV Series. This was a huge success for her career and she started getting many projects afterward. One of her quotes is,

“It was never about sort of being famous, I just wanted to be good at what I did.”

Net Worth:

Katey’s net worth is $40 million. This is the combined net worth of her husband, Kurt Sutter who is a writer and producer. If we talk about Katey Sagal’s net worth alone, it is approximated at $30 million and it is increasing day by day.

Early Life:

Katey Sagal was born in Los Angeles, California on 19th January 1954. His entire family belonged to show business. Her father, Boris Sagal was a director while her mother, Sara Zwilling was a producer and singer. 3 out of her 4 siblings were also involved in professional acting. Thus, Katey grew up in a show business environment around her which also developed her interest in the acting world.

She had to face the tragic incident of her father’s death at a very young age. This was a very difficult time for this family, but she remained strong. She developed her interest in performing arts, especially singing, at a very young age and started her career.


Katey Sagal graduated from Palisades High School and afterward went to “The California Institute of Arts (CalArts)” to study acting. She polished her acting skills there and received training in different aspects of performing arts which were already inherited from her by her parents. This prepared her for her upcoming professional career.


As mentioned before, Katey’s whole family was into acting career. Her father was born in Ukraine and belonged to a Jewish family. He was a director by profession. On the other hand, her mother was of Scottish origin and had Amish ancestors. She was an English and German singer.

Her young twin sisters, Jean Sagal, and Liz Sagal are both actors and her brother Joe Sagal is also in this field. While her older brother David Sagal is a studio executive at Warner Brothers.

Katey’s mother died in 1975 due to heart disease and later on, her father got married to Marge Champion who was a renowned dancer and choreographer. But after some time, Katey’s father died in a car accident on a movie set.


Katey Sagal is 69 years old by now and has been married 3 times. She has 3 children which are, Sarah Grace White, Esme Louise Sutter, and a son Jackson James White.


Katey’s body height is about 5 feet 10 inches which shows that she is a good, heightened woman.


Talking about her weight, she has a good physique, and her listed weight is 66 kilograms. She credits this to her good diet and workout routine. She also says that her routine in the acting world also helps her to remain active and fit all the time.


Katey Sagal has been married 3 times now. Her first marriage was to Freddie Beckmeier from 1978 to 1981. Then she again got married to Fred Lombardo from 1986 to 1989. This married also failed.Afterward, she got married in 1993 to Jack White and it lasted till 2000 and then they got separated. In 2004, she again got married to a writer-producer, Kurt Sutter, and is continued till now. They both have a daughter named Esme Louise through a surrogate.


She started her professional career as a singer and songwriter as it was her dream from a very young age. She loved singing and she taught herself to play piano at a very young age. In 1973 she started working as a back vocalist for many singers. She also became a member of a music group called Herlettes in 1978. As her music careerboosted, she started singing many songs including “It’s the Time for love”. Although she succeeded in her music career her attempts to form her band and enter Los Angeles’music industry did not succeed.

Afterward in the 1980’s, Sagal started her acting career. Her biggest turn over was her second project when she was cast for the role of Peg Bundy on FOX’S Married With Children.Afterward, she started getting many offers. In 1999 Matt Groening offered her to provide the character voice of purple hair mutant spaceship captain “Leela” in his science fiction animated comedy Futurama. In 2002, a show named 8 simple rules aired on ABC channel which needed a strong actress in order to make that show hit Sagal’s entry in this show definitely made this show a popular one. She was also in many other comedies shows and sitcoms and gained much popularity. Her recent work is in Mayans M.C

Social media:

Being a popular celebrity, Katey has many social media pages. She is available on almost all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has 600k followers on Instagram and 534k followers on Twitter. Also, her songs are available on Spotify.

It is not wrong to say that Katey Sagal is a gifted person and inherited acting and singing skills as her parents were in this field. This boosted her confidence and made her excel in her career at a very young age. Despite all her family problems, she managed to start her career.