Lamora Williams is a famous personality due to her struggle and work hard. She was born on  5th May 1989, in Atlanta, in the state of  Georgia. Lamora Williams is a favorite but is not considered a celebrity. Atlanta, which is a city in the US is in Georgia, she lives here. she’s Tabitha Hollingsworth’s sister and the sibling of Brenda Williams. She faced a lot of difficulties in her life lonely. In her entire life, she has faced different circumstances and challenges but never gave up due to her strong strength also exhibited remarkable strength in the face of adversity.

Quick Info

NameLamora Williams
Birth Date5th May 1989
HusbandJameel Penn
Residence  Atlanta
NationalityUnited States
Children3 Sons

Early Life

As we know she lived in  Atlanta in a very tough scenario. She grew up in a community with limited income. Due to this, she had financial and social hurdles. She belonged to a poor family. Her early age was signaled by destitution and a deficiency of entry to core resources. With these bad circumstances, she had a feeling of facing every kind of difficulty to give her family a good lifestyle.


Lamora Williams knows how important education is in this era to survive. It can offer perspective to enhance her chances for growth in her career as well as her life. She had completed her education at a local area school. In her studies, she struggled to be a good and remarkable student showing excellent performance. She took part in competitions. 

Although particular regarding her educational accomplishments are not easily available, it is obvious that she valued academic achievement and worked to maximize her prospects for education.


Her family was spending a challenging life facing poverty. She was a mother of four, and each of her kids had an enormous effect on her life. She loved each kid a lot. She had a turbulent and frequently tense relationship with Jameel Penn, the father of the kids. Lamora had a tough time supporting her kids while keeping a stable home environment just because of the problematic family dynamics. Her relationship is deep with her kids.

Age, Weight, And Height

From 19th June 2023, Lamora Williams’s age is 34 years. As per resources, we don’t have accurate information about her height and weight, and it is not available. It’s crucial to realize that a person’s worth or character is not determined by their physical characteristics or appearances.

Relationship Status

Lamora Williams’ is the wife of Jameel Penn. If we talk about her relationships is frequently anxious with her husband. The bad circumstances were affecting their relationship. This had a significant effect on her life and the health of her kids. 

Though human connections may be complicated and sophisticated, it is crucial to handle these components with sensitivity and compassion.

This news is getting viral fast that Lamora Williams had murdered her two kids. One and two-year-old sons named Ja’Carter and Keyante Penn.

To cut a short story the mom claims that she went from her home at noon and came back at home about 11 p.m. on Friday in October 2017. She saw the two boys dead. In the investigation, she told the police that she left all three of her kids at home. There was her cousin to look after the kids.

Two kids died but only her three-year-old boy is alive. However, according to neighbors, Williams had left the kids at home, and no one was there to care for the kids, as neighbors said.

Williams is believed to have experienced untreated mental health issues as a result of losing her father when she was 19 and being a single mother. 

John Chafee ‘Police spokesman said that they “do not believe the mother left the kids with a governess.”. After that for investigation, she had been arrested, and now she is at the Fulton County jail in custody.

We don’t know what will happen with Lamora Williams after the case investigation. Let’s see what will happen with her.

Growing Career

The various personal troubles Lamora Williams overcame during her life. These had an impact on her profession. Everyone is facing difficulties in this world to complete their education and search for jobs.

She was looking for better opportunities to make her dreams come true. But it is not a hot cake. Everyone is struggling to get a good position and survive in life to give her family a better lifestyle. The accurate information about her career like where she was doing her job and what kinds of problems she was facing. We don’t know. Lamora had done different jobs to grow her. About any particular path, there is not any information available about her career.

Net Worth

According to some specific resources, Lamora Williams’ net worth has not been revealed yet. Do remember that her net worth is not a focus of her life story. She had a difficult time in her life journey. We can say that it is her growth experiences for facing difficulties.

Social Media Activities

In this digital and contemporary period, social media platforms are the best source to express emotions, feelings, and success. People can be in touch with the whole world just because of social media facilities.

According to resources Lamora Williams’ was not connected with social media. There are not any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram IDs available. Social media allows everyone to share feelings and experiences. So that anyone can take support and encouragement by connecting with people and overcoming the problems and challenges of life.


We conclude that Lamora Williams had suffered a difficult journey of life by facing difficulties and challenges. She belongs to a poor family so there were so many issues that she was bearing from a very young age. Lamora’s life is full of crises.

The story of her life journey looks like a bunch of hardships. She thought about her good future with her family and children after becoming a strong personality. For this purpose, she struggled a lot to fulfill her dreams.