Meg Turney is an American citizen born on March 12, 1987, in Austin, Texas, USA. She is an influencer and is related to the field of social media. She is a model and a content creator. As, everyone has to start his or her journey from zero she also had to pass through this. She started her career as a host and contributor for shows like “the know” and “free play”. These two shows are related to the Rooster teeth. Rooster teeth is an American company, founded in March 2003. At first , it was a production company whose main motive is to create the web series “red vs. blue”. This web series gained much popularity and helps rooster teeth becoming an important layer in the world of online content.

“The know” and free play were the two web series created by rooster teeth. Meg turney worked for rooster teeth. The know series provides information about gaming and technology. Many topics are included in this web series. It includes news of the industry, releasing of video games and famous internet trends. Free play is the show that revolves around discussion, debates and hysterical takes on different topics like life, gaming and relationships. These two shows were hosted by megturneyalong with her companion Rayan Haywood. From there, she gained initial popularity.

In addition to working as a host with rooster teeth, she owns a you tube channel where she posted content which is related to gaming and general vlogging. She posted the content which gather the attention of the audience. She takes care of the interests of her audience. She has also been a part of many online communities. She was not a part of cosplay but in 2002, when a friend invites her to Ushicon, she started cosplaying. Her first cosplay was of “sailor heavy metal papillon” from the anime “sailor moon”. On her first cosplay, when she returned, she was satisfied and recalled, “I failed awfully, the making of half of the costume was very difficult but I was calm and satisfied.

Leaks can occur through different methods and it involves illegal acknowledgement of information such as pictures, videos or data. Common ways through which a leak can occur are as following:


the first and the most common method of leaking information is hacking. Hackers who are skilled persons can hack the computer systems or mobile phones of others easily. They gain access to all the sensitive information of the user which they can leak easily. These hackers sometimes blackmails the person in order to get maximum amount of money and at the end of creating all the fuss, they leaked the person’s information without thinking about him or her.

Insider threats:

Employees or individuals with whom you worked with, can also leak all your personal and sensitive information. This can be done though mishandling of files or sharing of data like pictures or videos.


Phising is a method in which the person send email pretending to be from a reputable company and and induces the other person to leak all his credentials like password or credit card numbers.

Weak password:

Easily guessable passwords can also be the source of leaking.

Un intentional uploads:

The person can upload sensitive files to social media and thus it can be a source of leaking.