Have you ever heard the name Santea before? Do you want to know why he is the talk of town these days? The reason is that his Snapchat video went viral which gained him huge recognition across various social media platforms. 

Influencer Santea’s shocking video has gone popular on social media sites. The TikTok celebrity was spotted in an awkward situation with another woman in the original Snapchat video. Although the video was taken down rapidly from his account, internet users were still able to screen record it and share it on the internet. Since then, a number of internet users have responded to the video on the internet.

Who is Santea?

The Texas-born 21-year-old personality gained massive popularity on the internet for his short form video entertainment. In October 2019, he started making posts on TikTok. His internet following was supported by his partnerships with Devin Caherly and Emely Hernandez. Additionally, he went viral after lip-syncing Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. On his official TikTok account, the video has received over five million views since then. His estimated net worth is around $1 million. He is well-known on TikTok, but he is also on YouTube, where he often uploads videos with his loved ones. He made his channel on July 9, 2020 having about 466 thousand subscribers in general. Currently, she has over 600k followers on YouTuber. 

What is the real incident that happened in the video?

It looks like Santea was filming himself and another woman in a private setting. The video spread like a wildfire on Twitter once it was uploaded. The woman’s identity is still unknown and under examination. But according to Holr Magazine, she’s also a well-known social media star. It is still not clear whether the footage was intentionally posted online or with the woman’s permission. Keep visiting as we shall update you about this incident in the near future.

Santea hadn’t addressed the issue in detail until now. He once announced on Instagram that he was giving up social media for a year in order to look after his mental health. He also added:

“My last public event will be in San Antonio this month on the 23rd. Rip Santea.” In a short span, the video became a highly debatable topic.  There was much discussion over the authenticity of the video and whether or not he intentionally leaked the footage.