Fake news has been circulating from a critic-based website The Onion about a video clip of  White House deputy press secretary, Theodore Barrett. In this viral video, there was a press conference barely hours after his wife’s passing. There is no obvious information available on the internet regarding Janie Barrett. The website’s goal is to take advantage of satire to represent reality and inform people about its satirical brand, even if the video shows Barrett was obviously grieving over the loss of his wife. But, according to certain reports, Theodore Barrett is not a deputy press secretary at the White House. 

Is There A Wikipedia Profile For Theodore Barrett?

Theodore Barrett is a fictional character named as the deputy press secretary for the White House. The whole idea is self designed by a satirical website to grab public attention. There is nothing known about Theodore Barrett in the real world. This is the reason there are no Wikipedia entries for any Whitehouse Deputy Press Secretary with that name, at least not currently.

What we see from the video is a member of the Deputy Press Secretary portrayed by The Onion. During that time, The president who was appointed was George W. Bush, the press secretary was Dana Parino, and the deputy presidents were Tony Fratto and Scott Stanzel. It is assumed that the president’s economic condition has been displayed in the video released by that magazine. Theodore attempted to divert attention from his press conference by bringing up the loss of his wife and the accident she was the victim of. This whole scenario ends up drawing comparisons to how politicians tend to disregard highlighting issues.Some people also connected it to the president’s disastrous economic policies, which were made up entirely of nonsense and were completely incomprehensible.

Theodore Barrett Wife Car Accident 

The death of Theodore Barrett’s wife and the way in which the Deputy White House Press Secretary broke the news have grabbed the public’s interest even right now. An internet video of the news conference, which was held shortly after the horrific car accident, has received a lot of attention. The Deputy Press Secretary rapidly switched to other topics after expressing neither sorrow nor regret for the passing of his wife Janie Barrett, despite the fact that he had just lost her. Any discussion about Theodore Barrett’s wife or a car crash involving him is classified as fiction because there isn’t a real person by that name. 

How Did Janie Barrett Pass Away?

According to rumors, Theodore Barrett, the deputy press secretary for the American White House, does not exist because he was invented by the satirical news website The Onion. There is no recent information about him discussing his wife’s accident or any viral videos, claims the authentic source. Also, there is no information on how Janie Barrett may have passed away because neither Theodore Barrett nor Janie Barrett were ever real.