Yasmin Abdallah is a well-established fashion designer and boss lady who was born in 1975. She is an Australian citizen due to her actual birthplace, Sydney, Australia. But, her ethnicities are both Australian and Lebanese. Although her exact birthdate is unknown, she is clearly in her forties at this point. 

Yasmin Abdallah: Early Life Period

Born and brought up in Sydney, Australia, Yasmin Abdallah had spent the major portion of her life there. When it comes to her relatives and family, she stays out of the spotlight. In a meeting, Abdallah mentions that her mother was a hair specialist in the past.

Abdallah had been passionately wanting to pursue working in the design industry for a very long time. When she was sixteen, she dropped out of school in order to follow her dream of being a style architect. Yasmin is confident in her ability to follow her gut when making decisions or working. 

Yasmin Abdallah: Professional Achievements

Yasmin’s boutique has been designated as one of the most favored in the world by The New York Times. She has worked in the fashion industry for about 20 years. When it comes to her wardrobe and haircut, she has a reputation for having a fantastic sense of style. Since we have disclosed that Abdallah has spent around twenty years working in the design field. During the course of her career, she has performed in several shows and collaborated with many leading companies. Yasmin made herself into a design icon. She infuses creativity into her creations and has a strong sense of fashion .She has recently developed a very reserved demeanor and tries to keep herself anonymous as much as possible. It’s possible that she is focusing on her career and doesn’t want to draw too much attention to herself. But she has been seen using social media platforms for professional work.

Yasmin Abdallah: Body Measurements

Abdallah’s hair is dark in color and his complexion is near rustic. She seems to be thin build, but she hasn’t revealed her exact measurement. However, she looks to be in good physical health despite her age in late 40s at the moment.

Yasmin Abdallah: Hobbies & Passion

Besides her fondness for fashion designing, Yasmin Abdallah has a great affection for all animals, but especially for dogs. She is also the happy owner of a dog. However, she hasn’t revealed her pet name to the online public.

But it has been seen that she owns a dog, and they frequently go for walks together. Other than that, She also encourages her followers to have  compassion and respect for animals.

Yasmin Abdallah: Net Worth

Yasmin Abdallah is a boss woman with solid business judgment. Since she is a well-known designer, she leads a pleasant and healthful lifestyle in general. So her estimated net worth is reasonable to guess that it’s well into the six figures. It is undoubtedly a fact that Yasmin earns a hefty amount of income from her career. She is in charge of managing massive clothing lines and is reported that She is the founder of Vyrao as well.