You can have the perfect tropical oasis right at home with edible Florida native plants. Florida native plants have an award-winning taste and they’re perfect for creating your own little paradise.

From tropical fruits to herbs, you can grow your own delicious and healthy treats made complete with beautiful flowers, smells, and more.

If you want to get some fresh goodies and enjoy a little tropical paradise in your backyard, here’s our list of the best edible Florida native edible plants.

Plant Selection

Consider using plants that are naturally climate adapted and climate hardy for your garden, as they will require less maintenance than tropical plants that are not native to the area.

The best choices for Florida native edible plants include numerous species of fruit-bearing palms, such as the coco plum and wild tamarind, as well as fruit trees like the Florida mangos and the jaboticabas. Additionally, various types of the sabal palm and sago palms can provide a unique ambiance in your tropical oasis.

Other plants to consider are the Barbados cherry and the Florida beautyberry, both of which offer edible fruits. With careful selection of native edible plants, you can create a truly unique and special tropical garden oasis full of flavor and local flair!

Design Principles

Creating a tropical garden oasis with native Florida plants requires thoughtful consideration of design principles that maximize space and minimize maintenance. Firstly, plan out the garden area to include a mix of large trees such as mango trees and smaller shrubs such as pepper trees while having room for native ground cover.

Secondly, incorporate a combination of edible plants with ornamental appeal such as doorway hibiscus with edible fruits and vegetables like avocados and pineapples, respectively. Thirdly, ensure the garden has adequate water sources such as irrigation or a nearby pond.

Lastly, keeping the garden’s growth and tidy is key to designing a oasis that requires minimal maintenance; mulch pathways between plants, keep the garden free of weeds, and prune as needed. 

Combining Color and Fragrance

Start by selecting plants that are suited for the climate and have the desired look and feel. Opt for bright, vivid colors that stand out and bring color to the landscape. In addition, pick flowers and plants with a pleasant aroma.

Strive to have a mix of tall, shorter, and cascading plants spacing them around the garden oasis to create depth. Select flora that will provide discoverable edible fruits as well as ones that attract local pollinators.

Palms and ferns will give the garden a tropical feel while airy, white-flowering plumeria will provide a sweet scent. Add texture with hardy succulents, for color and to fill in any empty spaces.

Lastly, consider planting perennials for a continuous cycle of blooms and foliage. By combining color and fragrance with locally native edible plants, one can create a durable, vibrant, and fragrant garden oasis in Florida. If you need professional help in your Florida tropical plants, visit

All About Florida Native Edible Plants

Create a tropical garden in your backyard by utilizing Florida native edible plants for a tropical oasis. With the addition of these plants, you will not only applaud the aesthetics of your new garden but also bring a unique flavor to your dinner table.

Get started on building your own tropical paradise today.

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