Many homeowners ask, “Can you sell a house with a mortgage?” The answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’

Despite common misconceptions, selling a mortgaged property is possible and quite common. Unravel the complexities of the process and discover the optimal strategy for your situation, enabling a seamless selling experience. Buckle up as we delve into the world of mortgages, home sales, and everything.

The Selling Process

When you decide to sell your house, you’ll need to balance the payoff of your existing mortgage with the profit from your home sale. This can be tricky to navigate, but with the right information and support, you can achieve a successful outcome.

The proceeds from your home sale will be used to pay off your mortgage first. Any remaining funds after the payoff will be considered your net profit.

Traditional Home Sale

A traditional home sale is the most commonplace option for selling a house with a mortgage. In this scenario, you would hire a real estate agent to list your home on the market, show it to potential buyers, and negotiate offers on your behalf. This process can take weeks or even months, and you’ll need to continue making your mortgage payments until your home sells.

Short Sale

If you owe more on your mortgage than your home is currently worth, a short sale might suit you. In a short sale, you sell your house for less than the amount owed on your mortgage with your lender’s approval.

This option can be complex and time-consuming, but it can prevent foreclosure and further damage to your credit. You can view more here about options on how to sell your house.


A lease-to-own agreement is another viable option when selling a house with a mortgage. In this case, you would rent your home to a tenant who can buy it at the end of the lease period. This can provide you with a steady income to help pay your mortgage while waiting for the tenant to purchase the property.

Understanding the Payoff Amount

It’s essential to understand your mortgage payoff amount when selling your property. This is the total amount you owe on your mortgage, including any additional charges or fees.

Your mortgage lender can provide you with this amount. Remember, upon real estate transactions, your mortgage must be paid off in full.

Mortgage Transfer

In some rare instances, the buyer may be able to take over your mortgage. This is called ‘assuming the mortgage’ and is typically only possible with certain types of loans. This option ultimately depends on your lender’s policies and the buyer’s creditworthiness.

Seek Legal and Financial Advice

Before deciding to sell your house with a mortgage, it’s advisable to consult with a financial advisor or real estate attorney. These professionals can provide guidance tailored to your unique financial situation and help you navigate the selling process successfully.

Unveiling the Mystery: Can You Sell a House With a Mortgage? Yes, You Can!

If you’ve been losing sleep over the question, “Can you sell a house with a mortgage?” take a deep breath and know you’ve got this!

Yes, it’s a journey filled with a few complexities, but nothing worth doing was ever easy, right? With a clear understanding of your mortgage options and the right professionals by your side, you can navigate this journey like a pro.

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