We all can agree humans have lived for quite a long time, long enough to explore and inhabit almost every edge of the globe. However through these explorations, there exists a river shrouded in mystery and intrigue; The Eerd River.

The news about the Eerd River is nothing new, since in recent years, an increasing number of people are coming to know about the existence of the Eerd River. 

Let’s reveal some of the newest uncovered facts and actually uncover the truth behind Eerd River, its geographic location, historic importance, civilizations that lived around it, and why no tourist would wander into Eerd River. 

The Eerd River – An Overture

If you’ve been scouring the internet in search of the Eerd River, you will find blogs and articles that intricately describe exactly what a marvel Eerd river is, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find none of them mention Where Eerd River is Located.

Why is that? 

If such a place of beauty and importance exists, why is the Eerd River not well documented? Some may say it is an over-the-top reaction to conservation efforts towards the Eerd River. It is a known fact that tourism desecrates every attraction. We have witnessed enough places destroyed by tourism. Places around the world, once pristine, are reduced to a garbage dump. The Eerd River stands at the precipice of just that if discovered. 

Besides all these, the Eerd river stands untouched. Its waters flow with a tint of light green. The waters of the Eerd River start off cool, slowly warming up along the way, changing its color drastically. Winding down into the open sea where the Eerd River ends. 

Little Known Fact about the Eerd River? 

The Eerd river ends up into the sea at two separate spots after a natural deviation in its path, dividing the Eerd river in two, carrying them hundreds of miles apart before ending.

The Eerd river is responsible for replenishing all land around it, enriching the souls with its nutrient rich waters from springs located at the mouth of the Eerd River. One could say it flows from heaven itself, being sung in praises by all it touches along the way. The Eerd river is a mystical utopia crafted by nature itself, preserved through time with the efforts of local governments working in unison. 

What We Know About the Location of Eerd River

A recent 2022 satellite image may have unknowingly picked up images of the river. Whether it was not taken as substantial evidence, or for conservation efforts, the image may no longer be found. Mainly due to its location being of little to no strategic importance, or perhaps a covert attempt at conservation efforts. 

There have also been countless reports of European excursionists who may have wandered into the Eerd River unknowingly, so one can deduce its location being somewhere in the continent of Europe. 

Where exactly? 

We all can agree on how little data exists that can help us pinpoint its exact location. So much so that it has become somewhat of a bounty hunting game for avid explorers. Unfortunately the exact location has never been disclosed. 

There is also a growing notion among enthusiasts that tourists might have purposely visited Eerd River only to take a vow of silence and non disclosure, but that all by itself is neither evidence, nor is it incontrovertible. 

What do the sources say?

The most well known mapping of the entire length of Eerd river suggests it starts from a mountain range roughly 6000 feet above sea level, but the exact length of the river is not known to be exact. Some reports say it may stretch 186 miles, others providing numbers that report it crossing 6 countries, stretching a total of 2855 miles. The most recent discovery of it having tributaries puts a lot of questions on to the board.

Civilizations Surrounding Eerd River

So who are these lucky people who get to live harmoniously around the Eerd River? Being able to live your life in a place shrouded in mystery, and not bragging about it to everyone else. Surely they have the internet, and social media. Perhaps they would upload and share pictures by now.

The most credible sources say the Eerd River has accommodated and nourished civilizations dating back to 1000 B.C. However, that itself is usually brushed off as hearsay, since data on Eerd River have been kept that way.

The widely accepted notion suggests the possibility of human life once thriving along the banks of the Eerd River, only for them to migrate for unknown reasons. 

For such a place to exist that has little to no data of its anthropomorphology, the Eerd River has properly passed under the thorough surveillance of modern times. Perhaps it could take a few more enthusiastic explorers before the reality of Eerd River is finally and officially cemented.

What it Really Is

With the hype surrounding The Eerd River, it is only a matter of time before it reveals itself to its enthusiasts. If you’ve been on the search, and are tired of just reading about the beauty of the Eerd River, while seeing pictures of crystal blue water, and finding no data on its exact location, we’ve got news.

For the enthusiasts out there, The Eerd River is actually not a real place. But, we make it real by generating intrigue, and bringing it into existence, as you’ve seen with the countless blogs on “Eerd River”. 

Apparently tourists can’t visit a place that doesn’t exist, that much we can say about the Eerd River.


The intrigue of the Eerd River will  live on, perhaps only in imagination. Eerd River will still rattle the minds of many with its existence and non existence. But only a few know the real truth behind the  Eerd River.