A crossword puzzle is a kind of word game where the pieces are often squares or a rectangular grid of squares with boundaries that are black and white. You have to insert letters in the white squares to form words or phrases by solving the clues. Languages where writing is done from left to right (“down”) have the answer words and phrases placed in the grid from top to bottom and left to right (“across”). The shaded squares are used to split the words or sentences. Do you want to know more about Crossword games, let’s read till the end.


What is the puzzle’s theme? Which category does the hint fit into?If you’re unfamiliar with solving puzzles, addressing a crossword clue may seem nerve-racking. Reading the riddle closely and looking for any clear hints or clues is the first approach. Is the hint a joke, definition, or word play? Which part of speech or tense is the answer most likely to be? You can get a head start on solving the problem by providing answers to these questions.

One of the strategies is to consider the clue’s context. These can help you determine which way the solution is probably going to go. Occasionally, examining the surrounding hints can also provide you with a hint towards the solution. No matter what the clue asks you to answer a three-letter word,  you should be familiar with the letters “C-L-E,”. For instance, you can see whether the intersecting words offer any more hints or letters that can help you solve the clue. You can proceed to the following clue in the grid because we have the solution for you! The solution to the puzzle clue “With 5-Across, utterly exhausted” may be found on our website, in case you’re still having trouble.

Advantages of Solving Crosswords?

Crossword puzzles can help you grow your vocabulary by introducing you to new terms and ideas. You can now find the solution to the puzzle clue “With 5-Across, utterly exhausted” from The New York Times Mini puzzle. You can enjoy a beautiful puzzle and provide your brain with food by playing this game.

If you enjoy solving puzzles, you’ll be pleased to hear that research has shown why crossword puzzles in particular are beneficial to your brain. It not only helps to sharpen your mind but is also helpful for your intelligence. Some of the primary benefits of word search puzzles for both adults and children are as follows:

  1. They are quite helpful in strengthening your vocabulary. 
  2. They are proven to be preventing for patients sufering from dementia (Alzheimer’s disease)
  3. These are stress-free activities
  4. These can be used to wide your perspectives
  5. They are the source of satisfaction & contentment
  6. These are considered to be vital for bringing innovative ideas
  7. These are also useful for enhancing cognitive abilities.

Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Crossword Solving Skill?

Are you an overthinker and want to tame your uncontrolled thoughts? Well, we have a good option for you. Crossword puzzle gaming is a fun activity and hobby a person could have. It’s not necessary to be an expert crossword puzzle solver to take pleasure in solving easier or even more difficult tasks. However, when you work on any crossword grid, you’ll generally have a better experience if you keep the following basic criteria in mind:

  1. Being a beginner, go for the easier puzzles.
  2. Prefer to use a pencil for practice.
  3. Make an effort to gain some knowledge about everything.
  4. Start with the empty spaces.
  5. Keep in mind about the theme
  6. Recognize Frequently Recurring Terms
  7. Start with brief word entries.
  8. Take help from outside resources as well.

Types Of Crosswords?

Now, you must be curious to find about different categiries of this game. American-style crossword grids can be rotated and yet look the same since they often have 180- or 90-degree rotational symmetry. Usually, it measures 15 by 15, although it can also be 17 by 17, 19 by 19, or even 21 by 21. These crosswords have a slightly harder design than crossword puzzles in the British style. Thematic crossword puzzles differ significantly from standard square or rectangle crossword puzzles in that they take on unique shapes. 

  1. American-Style Grid
  2. Cryptic
  3. Thematic
  4. British Or South-African Style Grid
  5. Barred Grid
  6. Cipher

5-Across, utterly exhausted Crossword Clue NYT

Since NYT Crosswords can occasionally be tough and demanding, we have provided today’s NYT Crossword Clue. There are a ton of other, more entertaining games available on NYT. You can look at the solution below if you were unable to figure out the correct response for Today’s Crossword Clue NYT Mini.  If you’re having trouble solving the Crossword Clue “With 5-Across, utterly exhausted,” visit this page to find the solution. Since many of them enjoy solving puzzles to sharpen their cognitive abilities, NYT Crossword is a suitable game to play. You can view today’s crossword clue down below.

Check Out 5-Across, utterly exhausted Crossword Clue NYT

With 5-Across, utterly exhausted Crossword Clue NYT MiniBONE


1. What is the correct answer to the Crossword Clue “With 5-Across, utterly exhausted”?

Ans: BONE is the correct answer to the Crossword Clue “With 5-Across, utterly exhausted.”

2. How many kinds of Crossword games are there?

Ans: Many crossword puzzles are available, such as NYT and LA Times.